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Man is very well defended against himself, against his own spying and sieges;
usually he is able to make out no more of himself than his outer fortifications.
The actual stronghold is inaccessible to him, even invisible,
unless friends and enemies turn traitor and lead him there by a secret path.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I was born in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1974.
In 2006 I was admitted to the AKI Art Academy in The Netherlands. (Mixed Media)

Throughout the years I found out that playing with identity is the main element in my work. My photo's are my sketches for my 3D work.

My work is also about communication. Not communication you can hear, but communication you can feel clearly and loud within the language of image. My struggle, our struggle, is to be permitted to be who we are. Though we are being brutally silenced, we can shout, weep, fight, laugh and be with our gestures. Words are distorted by the listener, the individual, but gestures that are more than one word ever could describe, telling a story that nobody possibly can avoid, are less responsive to distortion.